Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Halloween

Glitter Glitter on the wall
Make my Pumpkin the best of all

Friday, November 10, 2006

The lion in my backyard!

My backyard is filled with surprises and this is one of them!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cat and the mouse

Look closely, the cat is resting his head on the poor mouse :)

Magnolia Bakery in NYC

I first heard about 'Magnolia bakery' on the Food Network channel a couple of years back when I was living in Columbus, Ohio. The program talked about their magnificient cupcakes, the long lines to get them and the limited number of cupcakes per person ( only 12 :). The whole thing sounded very intriguing and delicious. When we moved to northern NJ, visits to NYC on weekends became a favorite pastime. Finally the day (July 29th, 2006) that I visited the famous 'Magnolia Bakery' dawned sunny and bright (or was it cloudy...I can't remember). Anyway, 'Magnolia Bakery' is a cute little place on Bleecker St. They offer a variety of colorful cupcakes which disappear as soon as they are made. When you bite into the cake, the rich, creamy delicious frosting melts in your mouth and transports you to sugar heaven. Their vanilla frosting topped with sprinkles and little sugar flowers is my favorite.

We went to a park across the street and savored the tasty cupcakes under the shade of the trees with a refreshing breeze giving us company on the hot summer day. I will definitely go back for more.